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Micah Asberry – Volunteer at Grace Ranch Texas

Micah Asberry is a twenty + year old volunteer at Grace Ranch.  Micah came to us when he was 19.  He had not seen his mother in years and was alienated from his father.  Since he has been here, members of the fellowship have paid for him to visit his mother in Ohio and his brother in Arizona.  Before Micah’s trip to Arizona earlier this year, Steve asked him whether he had learned more over this past year than in any prior year of his life.  Micah’s response was he had learned more in the last year than he had learned in his entire life!  Micah has recently entered formal discipleship training for the ministry.  He came to us unskilled, but has been working with Bob, Corey and Carter on various building and maintenance projects for some time and is growing in his skills and understanding of who the Lord is and how He works.  If you would like to adopt Micah as a volunteer, know that $250 a month would do just that.  If that is too steep for you, but you would like to make a one time gift or a smaller monthly donation, know that would likewise be greatly appreciated.  Click on one of the links above to contribute.