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Cheryl Eutsler – Volunteer at Grace Ranch Texas

Cheryl Eutsler is a thirty + year old volunteer at Grace Ranch and our worship leader.  She also is in training for the ministry.  Cheryl’s father founded Grace Ranch and so she has been here from the beginning.  She shared a love of animals with her father and so she, together with our ranch foreman Bob, are responsible for our goats, chickens, sheep, horses, etc…  She also inherited her father’s gift for music and leads worship services at Grace Chapel out at the ranch.  She lives in a place her father built that is adjacent to the ranch so she has greater financial needs than those who live in ranch housing as she has to cover her maintenance, propane and other living expenses.  If you would like to adopt Cheryl as a volunteer, know that $500 a month would do just that.  If that is too steep for you, but you would like to make a one time gift or a smaller monthly donation, know that would likewise be greatly appreciated.  Click on one of the links above to contribute.