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Carter Price – Volunteer at Grace Ranch Texas

Carter Price is a 50+ year old volunteer at Grace Ranch who is in training for the ministry.  Carter had been part of our fellowship for some years, being a fruit of Scott Stevens’ ministry during Scott’s short stay in Colorado.  Far from any of our local fellowships and desirous to fulfill his prophesied role as an evangelist doing the tent ministry, Carter left his good paying job in the Optics industry to move to Grace Ranch in 2016.  Since then, he has been “Johnny on the Spot”, willing to do any work the Lord might have for him.  For most of his time here, Carter was able to use his savings from his former work to cover his personal expenses and even some of others, but those resources are now exhausted.  Next Spring, his hope is to join Steve on the road in the tent ministry for the first time.  If you would like to adopt Carter as a volunteer, know that $250 a month would do just that.  If that is too steep for you, but you would like to make a one time gift or a smaller monthly donation, know that would likewise be greatly appreciated.  Click on one of the links above to contribute.