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We do not do fundraising as some churches do.  Rather we trust the Lord to provide for all our needs through the Biblical means of tithes, offerings and alms.  For an excellent teaching on financial giving, click here.

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Through the years the Lord has enabled us to do a tremendous amount of things backed by the support of a relatively small group of dedicated, faithful Christians. Now, the Lord is having us spread the message that He has given to us far and wide. Through diverse ministries, including: the Eagle Radio Network, Grace Ranch, an annual Ministers’ Convention, our Christian Boot Camp for training Ministers of the Gospel, local fellowships, our Revival Tent and powerful writings, podcasts and videos; the Lord is putting us in touch with many new people. Some of you may attend a local fellowship where you pay your tithe to your local minister. That is a good thing to do. Others of you may not have a local fellowship or minister to whom you pay your tithe, but rather we have become your fellowship and source for sound Biblical teaching. Whatever your particular situation may be, if the work that we are doing has been a blessing to you or you can see that it is a blessing from the Lord to others, we hope that you will prayerfully seek the Lord for how He might have you support what He has us doing. There is guidance on this page on how to give a tithe, offering or an alm. I also encourage you to check out our Projects Blog and some of our specific ministries, such as: Eagle Radio or Grace Ranch for more information on things we are doing or planning on doing, where your assistance could be extraordinarily helpful. As you look around, you will see many opportunities, some large, some small, but all of which make a big difference in the lives of people because of the presence of the Lord. Thank you for taking the time to read this message, if you have any questions, please phone, write or email us.

Written Materials on Christian Giving

Audio & Video on Christian Giving