2 THESSALONIANS Men's Bible Study

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Men's Bible Study
(JULY 8th, 2014 to JULY 15th, 2014)

Notes from Men’s Bible Study on 2 THESSALONIANS


  • Richard D Eutsler, Sr.
  • Steven Atherton
  • Paul Muller
  • Charles Hocker
  • Richard D Eutsler, Jr.
  • Phillip Walthall
  • Scott Bishop


  • Paul, in this second epistle, continues to acknowledge this church is in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the second witness.
  • Key to being in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ is to believe on Him.
  • God established His Word to His apostles. Then He expects the seed of Adam to hear His Word at their mouths. If we will do this then we can be one with the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Thessalonians looked and operated just like the men and woman we read about in scripture. The standard they compared themselves to was Jesus Christ.
  • You are hard pressed to find any church that fits this description, hard pressed to find any people that fit this description.
  • The testimony of this church is that we can press forward to do likewise.
  • Grace unto you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ – Paul, Sylvanus and Timotheus, in their apostolic authority, had the power to give this.
  • Paul, Sylvanus and Timotheus have to give thanks for them. They took what was said to them and grew. Their faith and love grew and abounded, their faith in God’s Word abounded, they kept His Word.
  • The major features of the church of Philadelphia – they keep God’s Word, love one another and do the works of God. This church did that.
  • They are talking in all the other churches of the church of the Thessalonians.
  • This church had a lot of opposition. They overcame by their patience and faith.
  • Manifest token of the righteous judgment of God – if you walk in love, humility, do as the Word says then God brings judgment against those that oppose you. They bring it upon themselves.
  • When the antichrist does show up he will be the Pope, the son of perdition. He is against God. He wants the glory unto himself. He sits in the temple of God as though he is God. The churches will embrace him not wanting to rock the boat, lose their 501c3 status, etc.
  • Paul is laying it out to strengthen them and also to give them a specific hope of being counted worthy because they believed his testimony.
  • What withholdeth – the church of Philadelphia. They hold back until that time when they are taken out of the way. It cannot be the Holy Ghost that is taken out because it is clear that no man can be saved unless the Holy Ghost draw him. There will be people saved during the time of the tribulation. They will prophesy, do miracles.
  • Mystery of iniquity – the pride and spirit that inhabits the world.
  • Discerning between true and false prophets – true prophets always point people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. False prophets always point people to anything else – themselves, the people, etc.
  • Unrighteousness – looking for righteousness anywhere but the righteousness of God by faith in the Gospel.
  • Got to come to the place where you believe the Gospel and nothing else, to that place where you believe that the only way you could be saved is for Jesus Christ to have lived a perfect life and then die on the cross for you and never depart from it.


  • The Church of Philadelphia brings the truth and people (including the great bulk of other Christians) reject the truth and it is then just for them to pass through the tribulation.
  • We see the Lord is our savior, strength, fortress and all those things. The enemy tries to imply that he is all those things.
  • There is none righteous other than God Himself.
  • Unrighteousness is in the flesh and through the sin of Adam and constantly tries to justify itself and say it’s not unrighteous. That is the deceivableness of unrighteousness.
  • In this generation a lot of things are changing and not for the better, much like the frog in the pot as you turn up the heat and it doesn’t know you are about to boil it, people do not realize what is happening right now around this country.
  • The government wants the people disarmed so they can do whatever they want to the people.
  • Deceivableness makes us think that we can be righteous outside of the blood of Jesus Christ and because of that God shall send them strong delusion.
  • The purpose of the strong delusion and causing them to believe a lie is because then they can be damned and God will be righteous in damning them because they chose not to accept the truth.
  • The high calling is for us to walk as Christ walked. If people see us walk as Christ walked, a lot more people will believe He is real because of your walk. Those who come against you will also be judged by Him because they had nothing by which to judge you because of the testimony of your walk with Christ.
  • When you lose the glory the Lord had on you, you will walk around doing anything you can to manufacture that so that you can have it again.
  • In verse 16 it refers to Paul, Sylvanus and Timotheus. The everlasting consolation is through the blood of Jesus Christ. The good hope through grace is the promise, in spite of our flesh.
  • Verse 17 is encouraging us to walk the walk and talk the talk so that anyone who sees our walk has a testimony of the Lord.
  • We can benefit from prayer from a faithful group such as these, so the same word that they have received and God has been glorified in and the fruit of receiving of it that it may not just happen with the Thessalonians but also with those they minister to.
  • The synagogue of satan refers to the Churches who do not follow the truth. They are traitors, they claim His name and turn people away from Him.
  • To take the Lords name in vain has nothing to do with swearing, it is to take on His name (Christian) and not be completely, 100% for Him. For example when a man marries his wife and she doesn’t obey him or follow him but rather cheats on him, that is taking a name in vain. So when someone does not follow after the Truth and does not seek to do His will, they have taken His name in vain.
  • Paul’s hope and security is in the Lord and he’s asking them to join in prayer that those who come against them that have faith will be removed so that they can continue to share their faith. It wasn’t that Paul was concerned about himself.
  • When you read through the book of Acts it becomes clear of the Lords work being manifest.
  • The Lord is faithful and will establish you and keep you from evil. When the devil comes and accuses you, your choice (if you believe the Gospel rather than the devil) the Gospel gives you the confidence to know that what He has begun in you, you are able to complete.
  • In His body there is no evil. This flesh has no escape from evil. Only Jesus can keep you and He does this through your faith in Him.
  • In the midst of the trials you are to be patient and sure of the things of the Lord coming to pass.
  • Separating yourself from those who walk disorderly allows them the opportunity to desire to get it right and it allows the Lord to show them the way that is right.
  • Separating yourself from those who walk disorderly almost always feels uncomfortable to your flesh but it is vital to the strength of the body.
  • v8 They worked night and day earning that which they received of the people, to make themselves an example so the people might follow God and receive the blessing.
  • v10 People who are self-proclaimed ministers and think they are important think they are following the same example of Paul, Sylvanus & Timotheus and is a busy body telling everyone what they should be doing. If you don’t do what they want, they are angry. But Paul, Sylvanus and Timotheus commanded them to feed those who worked. This includes people who are well educated and think highly but also (and more commonly) the “welfare mentality” who will come in and suck a ministry dry to get whatever they can and be busybodies and then move on to the next opportunity.
  • The contrast is those who work, quietly, without being a busy body about other peoples business but rather doing their work and leading by example.
  • The people Paul is talking about will accuse you of not being a Christian or not having any love if you do not give in to the deceivableness of righteousness.
  • Jesus said the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy. If you want to know where somebody is coming from – are they there to kill you, steal from you or destroy you? If they come to give you life more abundantly through the grace of Jesus Christ will tell you where they are coming from.
  • If you see a man in your congregation who does not conform to this standard, you admonish him and warn him of the danger he is in and if they take it seriously and do something about it will be blessed, those who do not accept the truth you separate from.
  • If you want to know where a mans heart is, find out where he puts his wallet – where his money is shows what he loves.
  • Peace is between man and God, not between people.
  • We are to give of our first fruits – the first portion first and then pay all the bills.