By: Richard D. Eutsler, Sr.

Crossing the River Jordan is God’s plan for His people. It separates the “old man” from the “New Man” in Christ. The old man cannot cross over the River Jordan, because the old man does not know how to walk by faith. Just as the children who perished in the wilderness could not learn to TRUST God in all things, so it is with the old man. He can not trust in the Living Christ for his salvation. He looks to other things, for his salvation and by doing so, condemns himself while proving God Righteous! Crossing over the River Jordan today is just as easy for the new man in Christ as it was for Joshua and those who followed him. They walked across on dry land! They believed God and moved out in the Faith of His Word! The old man believes that he has faith in God’s Word, but he doesn’t know how to Move in God’s Word! The old man can not please God. He is always looking back at the things in the world and not forward to the things that are of God. To the old man, everything is impossible. To the new man there is nothing impossible! The old man walks in worry and fear. The new man walks in Faith and Love. The new man understands what the Love of God is. He knows that God’s Love, that comes only through Jesus Christ and the Work that He did for us on the Cross, drive out fear! Fear can no more have fellowship with Love, than oil can with water. They will not mix. The old man lives in darkness and the new man lives in light. The light drives darkness out and has no fellowship. Even as the sun drives away the darkness in the dawn, even so the Love of God drives away fear in them who walk with Jesus Christ!