February 2021 South Carolina Sunday Services [audio, video & notes for each service] from 2021-02-07 to 2021-02-28 are available here.

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South Carolina FEBRUARY 2021 Sunday Services

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South Carolina FEBRUARY 2021 Sunday Services

Notes for Sunday SC 2021-02-07


  • Steve Atherton


  • 1 Corinthians 13, Colossians 2:2, Genesis 3:1-17, Romans 5:12-21, 1 John 4:20, John 15:5, Philippians 4:13, Acts 20, Hebrews 11:6, Romans 8:24-25, Hebrews 11:1, Psalm 51, 2 Timothy 2:15, John 14:15, Psalm 48:2, Revelation 12:11, Romans 10:9


  • God created all things for your pleasure, eternity and the earth. He wants to bless you. He is not selfish, he has given you a free will to choose what you want.
  • You can learn from your own choices but also by observing others’ choices. Whatever you choose to do, it is your choice.
  • When you bear with someone it allows them to see what the Lord has done and is doing for them. It may take a long time, are they worth it? God believes you are, and they are as well, will you agree with God?
  • When you choose him and pass through, then you know that he is the only way for anyone to be saved. 
  • The gospel is very simple, you must live it to preach it.
  • When you wallow in self pity you are giving God the finger and walking in unbelief that his sacrifice is not sufficient for your shortcomings. 
  • It is only your fault when you crash in the faith and don’t walk in love. 
  • Do you have a testimony of repentance? A testimony is good, but you should live a life of repentance.  
  • If you’re going to wait for someone else to do everything for you, you will never experience or come to know the goodness of God for you. 
  • You must have a hope in Christ beyond anything you can see, that is faith.
  • You will not overcome at all when you see yourself as better than another, you are no good to yourself or anyone else.
  • If you believe that God has raised Christ from the dead, then you believe you reside in the risen Christ. When you dwell in the resurrected Lord, then you have  hope for those who don’t have it for themselves until they do. 
  • You are to walk in his hope, his faith, his love.

Notes for Sunday SC 2021-02-14


  • Megan Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall


  • Proverbs 18:10, Psalm 139, Hebrews 12: 5-11, John 3:18-21, 2 Peter 1:1-4


  • You can’t control the thoughts that come into your head but you can control what you do with them, how long you dwell on them, and how long you let them linger. You can change the thoughts that come to you by what you feed your mind.
  • How much do you go after correction? How much do you want it, seek after it? 
  • The Lord loves those that are His and brings them correction. He wants you to see what you have so you know what to put off. You don’t go after the correction because you don’t like the feeling of being wrong. When you come to the light you receive the correction that the Lord brings so your deeds can be His and be in service to Him.
  • How precious is the word to you? Do you get into it everyday? Do you meditate, focus, on it everyday? 
  • Make your decisions and let others make theirs, be hopeful for them and you in the Lord.
  • If you love the Lord He will be your first thing, your only thing, He will be the thing you want to please.
  • There is nothing that is too big to be forgiven by the Lord. The Lord wants to wash us clean, a part of that is bringing things to the light to help you get clean, so you can show up as the new man.
  • Whatever guilt you have is not bigger than the Lord’s ability to take away. You can be set free. When you are free you are joyous.
  • You can get excited about correction, it’s through the correction that you are set free. The deceitfulness of sin doesn’t want things to come to the light. When you can realize the goodness of Him and that’s He’s there to set you free we can be thankful. Put Christ first in everything.
  • Fools gold is when people say the right thing but God is not with them.

Notes for Sunday SC 2021-02-21


  • Corey Sweet
  • Phillip Walthall
  • Steve Atherton


  • Exodus, Galatians 5:1-4, Hebrews 3:13, 1 Kings 22, 1 John 1:5, Ephesians 4:1-3



  • How often do you forget about the extraordinary things the Lord has done? If you will turn back to him in repentance, he is faithful and just to forgive you. He is good!
  • It is by the Lord’s hand anything good is accomplished, no one else’s. What is there to be proud of? Everything, even the faith to believe Jesus comes from him. 
  • The old man will never believe God, it is a choice to operate in the new man he created which does believe. The Lord gave us a free will, we get to choose either way.
  • Faith is believing without seeing, disregarding what is seen with the carnal eyes. It is a fight to believe God. 
  • Have you experienced the newness of life in Christ and before you know it you’ve settled back into the old life? Why? You allow it to happen. You must fight the good fight of faith.
  • You cannot serve God in the flesh.
  • When you get set free of bad attitudes, is when you recognize that you are not justified for having it. You are not justified in anything other than the blood of Jesus Christ! If you want to receive that, you must accept the truth of it. 
  • The Lord has set you free, to walk in his freedom, in his victory! If you don’t have that freedom, the victory, it is your own fault, you rob yourself! Take the responsibility of faith.
  • If you’re walking in that victory that is in Christ Jesus, you will be ministering that to those around you, giving them opportunity to partake of the same. If you’re not walking in it you won’t, you’re robbing yourself and others.
  • If you’ve been in unbelief and defeat, repent and turn back to Christ, there is power in him to raise you up with him.
  • Believe, receive the goodness of God and be thankful! What he has done on the cross is sufficient, do you believe it? 
  • Everyone falls sometimes and that’s okay, don’t stay there! Repent and return unto God. 
  • Jesus is the standard, everyone falls short, who are  you to think better of yourself than another when you fall short as well? 
  • Do you want to live free in Christ Jesus, then repent! Live a life of repentance!
  • Nothing can keep you in bondage, you give it power, stop giving it power and be free!

Notes for Sunday SC 2021-02-28


  • Angie Perry
  • Steve Atherton


  • Psalm 15


  • With true repentance comes deliverance, healing, and freedom. If you’re not walking in those you probably haven’t truly repented. Do you fear the Lord enough to want the answer? When you do and you receive the answer there’s freedom.
  • How do you know if you’re speaking truth in your heart? You seek the Lord, often that’s by going to those the Lord has set over you.
  • The common goal should be to glorify God and show Him to others. To be an example so others can receive the freedom in Christ. You can’t see to help another unless you get past yourself.
  • Do you want that which Christ has or do you not? If you don’t want that above all else that which Christ has you’re never going to get it. When you bring yourself entirely into subjection to Him you reflect His nature, not yours.
  • If you want to dwell in Christ, if you call Jesus Lord, you have decided to subject yourself to Him of your own free voluntary rule. Does your life reflect that you have subjected yourself to Him? When you have subjected yourself to him, He is greater than all that other stuff.
  • You won’t get free if you’re continuing to lie to yourself. If you don’t like the truth in your own heart and speak the truth to yourself, you can’t love anyone else. When you don’t love the truth in your own heart you will speak lies to others.
  • When you come to the place where He really becomes your Lord your life will change. If you want to walk with Christ Jesus you want nothing to do with that corrupt man. Has Christ not shown Himself to be faithful and you not?
  • When you asked Christ to be your Lord and Savior, was asking Him to be your Lord just the words the minister told you you were supposed to say? 
  • If He is your Lord He owns you, because you voluntarily give Him your will. You are the one that chooses which way you’re going to go. If you will choose Him there is only gain.
  • If you want the good things of God subject yourself entirely unto Him and forsake with all diligence everything else.