Self-Study Curriculum

2012-10-13-Texas Ministers Conference 022
ESFTP Self-StudY
2012-10-13-Texas Ministers Conference 022
Foundational to a believers service to the Lord is knowing God's Word.  Year 1 you will read and listen to the Bible, read our Articles of Faith, and go through our Foundational Studies.
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We recommend students give 1 hour a day, 5 days a week for 250 hours a year.  This will enable a detailed study of much of the New Testament.

ESFTP Year 1 and Year 2 - Self-Study

Course Description

The Scripture records how the people marveled at Jesus because His doctrine was with power. Jesus’ promise to all whom would believe on Him is that the works that He did we will do also and even greater works. Walking in the power of God is the birthright of all believers. The issue is that God’s Holy Spirit confirms God’s Word, not any particular person or denomination. Therefore it is critical that we study to rightly divide God’s Word that we be not ashamed.

Before you delve too far into our materials, we believe it is important that you study our Articles of Faith. They are far more detailed and meaty than what you find at most church websites. In particular, we recommend that you read through each of the Scripture references provided in support of each Article. If you do not agree with our Articles of Faith, then it does not make sense for you to proceed further. On the other hand, should you have questions about anything in our Articles of Faith, please be in touch because God wants you to have answers to your questions.

Should you choose to do our self-study Curriculum, but are not interested in discipleship that is fine. We simply caution you that knowledge puffeth up (or tends toward pride), but charity (which is the agape love of God) edifieth. One of the benefits of discipleship is that it requires the student to humble him or herself through submission to their teacher. This is important because a lot of people mistakenly believe that ministry is a learned profession. Having knowledge of God’s Word does not make you a minister, walking by faith in love does. On the other hand, having a proper knowledge of God’s Word benefits the believer in two ways. First, it means the believer’s faith in God will be proper. Second, God will multiply His grace and peace upon you according to your knowledge.

There is no particular time frame within which any individual needs to complete his or her study of our self-study curriculum. You can follow the outline we provide for Year 1 and Year 2 religiously or treat it more like a buffet, choosing that which you want to study and leaving other elements out. That is entirely between you and the Lord. For those who choose discipleship, a plan of study based upon the disciple’s existing knowledge and experience and the circumstances of their life will be pulled together to meet his or her needs moving forward.