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ESFTP Music Ministry

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The music ministry is a powerful ministry in its own right. Many preachers are also music ministers. On the other hand, many believers primary ministry is through their musical contributions. Heaven is filled with singing and so is Christ’s Church here to be. The music ministry can be revelatory, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, instructive and militant. As the Lord inhabits the praises of His people, so it is something that needs to be a part of every believers life.

The music ministry is also a craft, but a lack of musical training need not be a significant barrier to entry into this important ministry. We have pulled together a diversity of ways to help believers succeed in the music ministry. Our music ministry curriculum is designed to take anyone from a complete musical novice to an experience musician develop into the music ministers that God has called them to be.

Discipleship is God’s way of training music ministers just like He trains all ministers. That being said, many of the materials that we use to assist those we disciple are made freely available to all here. We encourage you to browse those offerings and make use of them as you please.

For those interested in entering into discipleship in the music ministry, we encourage you to be in touch so that we can evaluate your situation and put together a plan to help you take your place in Christ’s Body to minister as He would have you do. Our discipleship training will not only focus on helping you to develop your craft to the glory of the Lord, but also teach you about other critical elements of the music ministry, including: PA systems, sound mixing and recording, copyright requirements, leading others whether that be other members of the music team or your congregation.