Some of the best examples of how a well-written teaching can change lives include:

  • The Promise – A beautiful Gospel message inspired by a spectacular California Sunset.
  • A Word About Prayer – This is a short teaching on how to succeed in your prayer life based upon James 5:16
  • 2 Peter 1 – This is a meaty teaching laying out for all Christians how they can bear fruit abundantly in Christ
  • Diligence – This topical Bible Study shines a convicting, bright light upon an area that many Christians struggle with in their lives but is avoided at your own peril.

The Bible is full of written, prophetic words from the Lord. The Holy Spirit is not done ministering prophetically to the needs of the Church. Here are three examples of written prophecies that the Lord has delivered to His Church today:

  • The Watchman Called of Man
  • The Watchman Called of God
  • A Vision of Two Revivals
  • Brother Steve’s Testimony – To understand better how discipleship works to raise up ministers of the Lord in the written word, check out Brother Steve’s testimony of his discipleship under Brother Richard.