2017 Seminar on Employer/Employee

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours, Monday through Friday, at work. Some people own their own business, while others work for someone else. Either way, the Lord is clear on what He expects of you. Sadly, too few Christians seem to recognize the importance of the workplace ministry, neglecting what may be your absolute best opportunity to evangelize in your daily life.

In considering the workplace ministry, I am reminded of what Brother Davy used to say to us all the time: “Preach the Gospel. If necessary use words.” To walk this out, requires a humility, love and patience that few Christians have as you are not telling people about Jesus, but rather ministering unto them in His love in deed. Such a ministry is generally invisible to the undiscerning eye, but to the Lord is precious. After all, He says to do otherwise is to blaspheme His Word.

Biblical examples of the Lord using faithful servants (i.e. Joseph, Daniel and Nehemiah) to manifest Himself to unbelieving masters abound. Similarly, the Lord also used faithful masters (i.e. Abraham and David) to bring unbelieving servants to Christ. Whatever your station in life, let us help you to make good use of this important ministry.

As with all things, discipleship under those who are experienced masters and/or servants is the best way to learn how to walk this out in your own life as each person’s situation is unique and you will benefit from personal counsel from someone who knows and cares about you. That being said, the foundation for everything in Christianity is the Word of God. The studies provided below will help you to focus on the principle teachings of the Scripture on the workplace ministry.

The Bible Studies recorded below, include coverage on critical passages relating to Employers and Employees.

Critical Passages: