ESFTP Ministries

When most people think of a minister, they typically think of a pastor in a church with a music team of some sort or of a missionary/evangelist traveling the world preaching the Gospel. While some men and women of God’s ministries may fit these stereotypes, the truth is that when you read about the men and women of God in the Bible, seldom do you see them fit either of those molds. Certainly, Christ (who is our greatest example of what it is to be a minister) did not. One of our purposes at ESFTP is to help you to see the ministry that the Lord has for you rather than trying to fit you into some mold that does not suit you.

The Scripture teaches us how to be Christian husbands, wives, parents and children in what we refer to as the family ministry. Similarly, the Scripture is clear on how Christians are to serve God as employers and employees in what we refer to as the workplace ministry. For most Christians, these functions occupy by far the largest part of our daily lives and yet these ministries are too often not perceived as ministry at all. As a result, a tremendous number of ministerial opportunities are missed, both in building up the Body of Christ (for example, in your family) but also in reaching the lost in our daily lives.

At the ESFTP our teachers are experienced in all of these areas as well as the more commonly accepted forms. We also have experience in the tent revival ministry, street ministry, coffee house ministry, home church ministry, radio ministry, video ministry, writing ministry (writings), writing ministry (teachings), online ministry and social media to name a few. Most of what we have to offer in these veins will be shared through discipleship, but if you browse around our materials you will find many examples of these ministries freely available that we hope will be of help.