Article XV – Baptism

We believe that there are three baptisms for the believer: (1) the blood, (2) the water, and (3) the Spirit and that these three agree in one.   The baptism of blood occurs when you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God hath raised Him from the dead.  At the moment of regeneration, the Father baptizes you in the blood of Jesus Christ, washing away and bringing about a complete and total forgiveness of all your sin.  It is at this moment that a believer is “born again”.2    The baptism of water occurs, when a believer – confessing that Jesus is Lord – is totally submerged in water.  By faith, at water baptism the “old man” is crucified and buried with Christ so that the “new man” can be raised up in the likeness of Christ’s resurrection.   The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a separate and distinct baptism that empowers the believer to do God’s will.4    It is accompanied by the sign, as contrasted with the gift, of tongues.5  It is received by the laying on of an Apostle’s hands6 or by the direct intervention of God as at Pentecost or with Cornelius’ household.7

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