My Name is Rosemary Eutsler, I was born and raised in a small town in NorthEast GA called Elberton and lived there most of my life.  I was brought up in the Baptist Church and considered myself to be a Christian before really understanding what all that meant and required of me.  As a child my family and I always attended church and were quite involved in all the church functions but I can honestly say I had no real memory of what was taught to me in Sunday School or “Big Church”. In grammar school I accepted Christ and was Baptized.  In my mind that was it.  I was Saved.  I thought with that one single action, I was guaranteed to go to Heaven with no requirement from myself but to say “I Believe”.  

As I got older my involvement in Church began to diminish and I found a lot of other things to occupy my time.  None of these things gave any evidence that I was walking in the Lord.  I was more interested in what I wanted to do and how much fun I could have.  My life was starting to become quite unmanageable as early as my teen years but I still said I was a Christian and that I was going to Heaven.  Being brought up in the Baptist Church I was always taught “Once Saved, Always Saved”. 

After I graduated high school I had some pretty good jobs but could not seem to keep any of them due to the lifestyle I was living.  It seemed to be pretty hard to show up for work when you had been up the night before partying. 

In my early twenties I got pregnant outside of wedlock.  Her daddy and I were fine with the fact that we weren’t married and decided to keep it that way.  During that pregnancy I completely stopped all the alcohol and drug use.  I had another living being inside of me and I knew that was more important than having a good time.  She was born on June 8th 2005.  A girl and we named her Kaylee Rose.  She was perfect.  

It wasn’t long after her birth that I started to want to have a little fun again.  On July 13th 2005 I woke up that morning to feed Kaylee.  She and I fell back asleep after her bottle.  Kaylee never woke back up.  Our daughter had passed away from SIDS.  

At that very moment I felt like my life was over.  I did not understand how this could have happened to me, to us.  I felt I was to blame.  Every day things got harder and harder and I never chose the Lord through any of it.  It was back to anything I could find to numb the pain.  I was going in the wrong direction and honestly at that time I did not care.  

The relationship with Kaylee’s father did not last.  I ended up losing my job and moving to Florida.  My thoughts were that I could run away from the pain and all the problems.  I can remember praying to the Lord for help but never believing that He would or could help me.  I didn’t stay in Florida long, less than a year.  I moved back to Elberton and in with my parents.  Same stuff started back again.  It was a nasty cycle that I could not seem to break until one day in 2009, February 12th to be exact.  I met the man I would marry, James Eutsler.  There was something different about this guy and I would soon see what it was.  In the beginning he and I were not living a life that was pleasing to the Lord but the Lord was an evident part of our coming together.  

After James and I had dated for some time I began to learn of his background and his foundation and knowledge of Christ which I urge you to read in his testimony.   (Click Here to read James Eutsler’s testimony.)  James was not my Savior but I know he brought to me the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

He and I were married in April of 2012 and we have a daughter, Lydia Grace who was born January 2013. 

I have now seen what Grace and Mercy the Lord has had upon me through all of the struggles I went through in my teenage and early adult life.  I know there is always a way out of any struggle I may encounter and His name is Jesus Christ but it takes work from me too.  I have to trust Him in all things and know that He is faithful.  I have to stay in His Word and know His ways and walk in His ways.  

Currently our family is in the process of converting a school bus into a motor home.  We sold our home this year (2017) and will be moving to TX after our bus is completed.  The Lord has called us to be out on the road to bring The Word of our Lord to everyone.  Praise the Lord that someone brought it to me and I chose to receive it.