My name is Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. I was born on March 29, 1947 in the state of Maryland, USA. But the most important day of my life was on August 5, 1972 when I met Jesus Christ!  I had believed in Jesus Christ since I was a child, but my faith in “religion” was lost when my Grandmother died.  Hers was a horrible death and when the Pastor of her church told me that it was the will of God, I determined not to want anything to do with Him anymore. Later in life I met a woman who was Roman Catholic. I joined the Roman Catholic Religion for her. To me there was a lot of freedom in the RCC. I didn’t have to deal directly with God, I could deal with the priests, who were quick to forgive sin for a small penance. For awhile, things seemed to go ok. I got involved with the church in the music ministry and my wife and I did many ‘guitar masses’. I was working for a small electronics company owned by two Pentecostals who were constantly on my case to come to their church and be a “real” Christian. One day my wife went to New York for two weeks and I stayed behind and continued to work. That first Friday I was invited over to my Bosses’ house for dinner and to go with them to church. I didn’t really have anything else to do and a free meal sounded like a good idea at the time. Also it gave me an opportunity to get them off my back. When I got to their house they asked me what I was doing there. I told them that they had invited me to dinner. The wife denied this and said that they had only invited me to church. (Now back at this time I had a REAL BAD temper) I began to get real mad, but decided to hold my temper. They had invited another couple to eat with them and told me that I could wait for them on the porch. Just a little note: These were the kind of people who were always “just so bubbly and perfect”. Every other word out of their mouth was praise the Lord or God said. It seemed that they never had a thought of their own. Every thought that came into their mind, according to them, was from God. When they came out to go, the wife made a comment about my attire. Not wanting her to think that I was mad about what she said, I told her, “that my wife was out of town and I had been alone all week. I didn’t know what kind of condition I would be in when I came to work on Monday.” (Meaning what my clothes would look like.) She let into me like a she-cat! Telling me that I better not be drunk or high on drugs or they would fire me! That’s when I blew up. I called them everything except Christian and human and made many disparaging comments about her family tree, etc. I told her that she was a fake and her husband also. That her church was a fake and so was her preacher and to prove it I was going to her __ __ __ church and punch out their preacher in front of God and everybody!

I got in my pickup and drove off. By this time I had completely lost my temper and was determined in my mind and heart to do as I had said. As I drove to the church, many thoughts began to enter into my mind. All of the times in my past where I should have died, beginning with my birth. The last was a head on collision on a motorcycle into a car. I remembered flying through the air and saying; “look out God, here I come.” Then I heard a voice say; ” Your not ready yet!” When I hit the ground I was unharmed. Then I heard that same voice say; “thou shoult not touch my anointed ones, neither do harm to My prophets!” For the first time in my life a real fear, deep down inside of me, came over me. I ‘saw’ myself as a sinner! All of my sin began to overwhelm me and I did not know what to do! I began to cry and as I cried, I said out loud, “Lord if you are real and there is any forgiveness in You for me, please stop me from doing what I am about to do, even if You have to kill me!” Then there was, as it were a flash of bright light! One whom I took to be the Lord was in my pickup truck with me and the whole place was filled with a Love that was so great that I could hardly stay conscious! Then He spoke and said, ” I do love you and have much work for you to do.” Many other things He said to me and then He seemed to just melt away.

I found myself in the parking lot of the church having no idea how I got there. The service had already started and it was about 8:30 PM. I sat there not knowing what to do. I began to think that I had just had an hallucination brought on by too much stress. I got out of the pickup and walked to the front of the church. By the time that I got to the door, I had convinced myself that what I had seen and heard could not be real! I opened the door and walked inside and as I started walking up the isle, the pastor, Rev. Roy Hawthorn, stopped preaching and pointing his finger at me said, “young man, this day you have come here to do me bodily harm, but Our Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ has appeared unto you and called you to His ministry! What are you going to do about it?” With those words, my strength just left my legs and I collapsed to the floor. I remained there the rest of the service. It was one thing for me to have had an hallucination, but how could he have the same one?

It was three days later that a minister from Cleveland, TN, who I did not know then, prayed for me to receive the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.

I serve Him to this day.

Brother Richard passed away on January 4th, 2017 and served the Lord faithfully until the day he died.