My name is Phillip; I live in Cottageville, SC, which is in the country.  I do love it here; it is a new life for me.

Growing up my father lived in Mt. Pleasant and my mother and step-father lived in North Charleston, so I would go back and forth between the two.  Growing up, for me was tough, not because anyone made it tough, but I made it tough for myself.  I ended up getting into a lot of drug use and partying.  I saw dysfunction on both sides of where I lived and thought I might as well have a good time because I didn’t think there was a point to this life, but the life I was seeing was a life outside of Christ.

Then I was introduced to a minister, Richard (Davy) Eutsler, who showed me the power of the gospel by my step-father being prayed for and healed.  He asked me if I wanted to accept Christ, I told him I did, just going with it.  Well after that I was like a yo-yo, in and out of the ministry, but the love of Christ was shown to me in a big way through forgiveness of my sins, the people and safe haven the Lord put around me was manifest.  There is no thing out in the world that compares to the love of Christ.

Now as time has passed the Lord has brought me through a lot.  He has given me a wife, three daughters and family in Christ I never thought I would have;  I didn’t even think I would live this long.  He has established me in my work place as a manager, who ever thought this would happen?  Not me!  He has also left me with a ministry here in Cottageville.

I say all this because He is well able.  Anyone can turn to Him no matter who you are or what you have done.  The life in Christ Jesus is a new life divine.  If He can take a guy like me and use me, change me and give me a new life, which is His, then He can do it for anyone.  The life He gave me is a constant testimony of His power, grace, and mercy constantly.  To go through how these things happened, well it would be a book, so I am here to say Jesus made it happen.  Not only has it been a blessing to me but for others also.