A  Testimony of  Jesus Christ’s  Goodness

I came to the Lord in 1976 and found a church with many believers of my age range and some older folk who  were sound enough in the faith to offer some guidance.  In 1980 that church disbanded after a period of turmoil from within and the love of money, the pastor had become a stickler for the authority of the Word, and carnality won.

I wondered around from church to church looking for some group which I could tell had the Anointing  of the Lord but I was continually frustrated by what I found – everything from carnality to outright unbelief – as far as I was concerned  – Playing the Church game.

It was during this time of silence from the Lord that I married and raised 5 children and continued to seek to find a church home and for a while I thought I had, when I realized that my wife was just “Going through the motions” and sadly was either choosing to be selfish and carnal or never knew The Lord to begin with.

The Lord in his great mercy preserved me from the junk going on in the name of the Lord until through my interest in all things political and radio, combined with that a teacher with great patience discernment and  a love for those the Lord would send him that exceeded his Love for himself, Richard  Eutsler.

It was at this point I became involved  with The Fishermen Ministry and their satellite radio network .  We met with each other  in about 1997 and the Bible was opened up to me like never before and I could tell that he carried the Anointing of the Lord.

Over the years there have been many experiences affirming His commitment to Davey, from healings I have received to opportunities to choose the course myself after taking council and considering it and choosing to discount the council – that proved to be in error.  Prophesy made concerning my family that I did not want to receive but nonetheless was, as it turned out, correct  and through it all the Lord and His commitment to Richard, the other ministers and myself has proven to be unwavering and unending in its Grace and Mercy!

It is a joy  ministering – although sometimes frustrating as I watch those come along in the faith make the same mistakes I made – but it is never dull…  I continue to grow and the Lord continues to meet me in all ways and all provision according to His Word.

And this was the condensed version.  Jesus Loves you and has a plan for your life… and you need to know the plan and become part of it .  The truth is the plan isn’t tailored for us, we are to be conformed to it!  And the plan is for us to learn his ways and follow His and the apostles pattern.

Thank God the Father for His continued Grace and mercy and for His Love incarnated to us through Jesus Christ.  He is able to finish that work which he has begun in you and in faith is always and forever!

Paul Muller