I was born in 1972 and raised in South Africa. I studied nursing in Johannesburg, becoming an RN. My favorite places to work were the trauma emergency room and the labor and delivery ward, where I brought several babies into the world, wondrous moments to be part of.

I moved to London for a couple of years where I continued nursing and saw some of Europe. When my visa expired, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most stunning settings for a city in the world. I had been intimidated in my brief exposure to Intensive Care Units, so I chose that field of work to overcome that fear. I loved my work as a nurse.

In 2001, my sister left South Africa to marry Rick Eutsler who she’d met online (oh horrors!). When I came over for the blessing of their marriage, I was running from a potential marriage to the wrong man. While there, I ran into the man, my husband Steve, who the Lord had for me to be joined to in answer to a prayer I prayed 10 years before.

When I returned to South Africa after the blessing, I packed up everything, including my furthering studies as an ICU nurse, and moved to the only country I had actively decided I didn’t want to live in, because I knew that was where the Lord wanted me.

We lived in Vermont for 14 years, and now live at Grace Ranch with our four children. We homeschool our children, a daily walk by faith in the Lord. I have a new full-time job – I am a homeschooling mom, and I learn new things all the time as I introduce my children to the world they live in.