John A. Padi is my name, and this is my testimony. I was born into a Christian home as both my parents were presbyters at the local Presbyterian Church of Ghana. In spite of this factor, I was not a born again for many years, though I attended church and considered myself a Christian.

During my apprenticeship in the tailoring profession, my boss (who was a staunch Christian) saw that I had the calling of God in my life, but he was not able to convert me.  After I completed my apprenticeship, I moved to Ashaiman New Town.  There I met Lawrence Tsimese, a brother in the faith who introduced Christ to me and I became born again and was baptized at Miracle Life Gospel Church.

My eagerness to do the work of God made me enroll into Victory Bible School at Tema, which was managed by some American Missionaries.  There I did a three year course in ministerial work.

A few years after I went into full time ministerial work, the devil attacked me with an unknown sickness that caused me to be bed-ridden and almost paralyzed for two years. I could not perform my ministerial duties and my tailoring shop also collapsed and was closed down. Life was hard and it was a great trial as I had to take care of my family and my nieces with their fees and other expenses. I felt like I was going through the same test Job in the Bible went through, but I did not give up.  My wife and children also stood by me in this difficult times.

During this time, Brother Lawrence re-entered my life having recently returned from the U.S. where he had entered ministerial training with The Fishermen Ministry.  Shortly thereafter, my miracle happened and I was healed completely by the grace of God.

I had to start over again as I had lost everything, my shop and almost all my church members. I started house to house evangelism, preaching about the gospel and power of God. I used the story of my life as a great testimony and won souls for Christ. That led to the founding of The Higher Glory House Ministry, where I now pastor.

After some initial hesitation, I entered into discipleship in The Fishermen Ministry under Brother Lawrence’s tutelage.  That relationship has been a great blessing to me and to the fellowship that I pastor.  I continue to grow in Christ and look forward to what the Lord has for me in the years to come.