As a child my family went to church, yet I don’t remember much of the teachings. When I was in middle school my parents separated, they were married for 21 years yet I don’t recall my father being around often.

In 2005, I was dating and living with a guy out of wedlock and got pregnant. In May 2006, 5 weeks after our daughter was born her dad was shot and killed. This event led to my daughter being fatherless and having a mother with federal drug charges.  In that time I questioned why God would let something like this happen; not that I was seeking to follow Him but it was easy to blame Him. As far as the charges, after over 3 years of court delays I went into the courtroom expecting to receive 1 year of probation but the Lord fixed that situation; after 6 months good behavior my record would be expunged!

May 2007, Phillip and I started an on and off turbulent relationship and ended up pregnant with our daughter before we were married. In November 2007 he asked if I wanted to begin attending services at TFM with him; I agreed to go not sure what to expect. Sometime while attending services I decided to serve the Lord. Phillip and I decided to get married in January 2008; we decided to serve the Lord and put Him first. So while our relationship started all wrong, the Lord redeemed our screw ups and blessed us with a family in Him, a home, and many testimonies of His grace and mercy. We now have been married over 9 years have three daughters and are excited to see what the Lord would have for us in the years to come.