After many years of my brother in law, Phillip speaking to me about the Lord I still wasn’t ready to fully hear or receive the love of Jesus Christ and didn’t want any part of it.  I was too busy doing my own thing but Phil never gave up. I thank God everyday that he didn’t.

After splitting up with my son’s father, I was very depressed and angry.  I started using illegal drugs and alcohol to numb my pain. I was falling deep into the “addict” life. I didn’t care about anything.

February 2013 was the turning point in my life.  Because of my lifestyle I lost custody of my son.  By the grace of God, my sister Hope and her husband Phil were able to take quick action to care for him. I definitely felt like my world was crashing and falling apart at the seams.

I split from my son’s father.  I lost my son.  I was working for a boss who was the one feeding me the drugs.  I quit speaking to my mother who I formerly talked to on a daily basis.

During the time my son was at my sister’s I spent plenty of time learning about the Lord.  Soon I didn’t feel as if my world was falling apart.  After receiving the Lord, He changed my life!  He redeemed it in many ways and blessed me abundantly more than I could ever imagine.

My son came home earlier than expected.  My living situation is much healthier than before.  I found work in a field ten times better than what I was doing before and most of all I learned that my Heavenly Father loves me no matter what!