I believed that there was a God, but I did not believe Him. I believed that there was a man named Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem and died of crucifixion. But was He really God? I didn’t know. That is where I was in 1976.

At that time, I was bouncing on the bottom. My husband, Keith, was dying of a rare terminal illness. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown, which included hysterical blindness, was addicted to tranquilizers and pain killers, was crippled and told I would never walk again. Boy, what a wreck.

Keith had started to read his Bible, and I thought that was good, because it may give him some comfort. But I never even considered that I may need that comfort, also. My knowledge of God, even though I was raised in churches, was seriously lacking. I never even thought to turn to Him, much less expect an answer from Him. But, praise the Lord, Keith did.

As he was reading his Bible, he started questioning whether the things he read were true and for today. So he prayed, and asked God to send someone who believed what was written. I did not know about this prayer, so that when not long after he had prayed, there was a knock on the door and this strange man said that the Lord had sent him (like I really believed that!!!), I was really surprised.

We invited him in, and he proceeded to talk, and talk, and talk. He was from Florida, was a pastor of a church, and, in prayer, the Lord had showed him to come to Maryland because He had a man he wanted prayed for. I really did not like this man. He was very arrogant. And how dare he come here, with this story, to raise Keith’s (and my) hopes, just to have it come tumbling down. I just did not believe that something like that could or would happen.

The man next asked me what was wrong with my leg. I told him and he said that before he left, I would walk again. Yeah, right!!! He then started to preach the Gospel to us. (Ok, I had heard that before, but what did it have to do with us?) He then went over to Keith and laid hands on him and started to pray. I don’t know if I can explain this, so you can understand, but, all of a sudden, I felt surrounded by peace and love. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever had and peace was not something I had had in a long time. I knew what was going on around me, but was not focused on it. The man looked at me, pointed his finger and said to get up and walk across the floor. Well, I was back in the real world again. I figured that I would stand up, fall on my face, and he would leave. Weird, but that is what I wanted to happen. I did not like this man and I wanted him out of our life.

I stood up and didn’t fall. Then I noticed that there was no pain and I could move my foot like a foot is supposed to move. I sat down, unwrapped the bandages, and tried again. I could walk!!!!! I didn’t know what to believe, AND I still did not like the man. So I left to pick up my daughter at school. I hadn’t been able to drive in 3 weeks. I was trying to figure out what had happened and was heading back to confront the man. He had left. I was glad but disappointed, too.

He had suggested to Keith that we get together with a few friends and started reading our Bibles together. Nothing fancy, just read. So we got together with some friends and did just that. Unfortunately, my only purpose in reading the Bible, was to prove the man wrong. I know, dumb. As I read, I came to the realization that the Bible was true and that God was who He said he was. This lead me to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Three days later, I realized that I had not taken any drugs, whatsoever, since I had accepted Jesus.

About a month later, the man came back, much to my annoyance. I still didn’t want anything to do with him. He held some services and I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

I will stop there, for now. There is a lot that has happened in the last 31 years, and as time goes on I will be adding to this.

Oh, by the way, that man that showed up at my house in 1976, was Richard Eutsler. We have been married since 1983 and it has been an adventure.

God Bless,
Ann Eutsler