Ordained Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located in East Hampton, Connecticut

I was born upstate New York in 1957, the tail end of the baby boom.  By the time I was five, we settled in West Harford Connecticut, a relatively wealthy suburb of Harford where my father’s career with General Electric led us. 

My parents were not believers and my father died by suicide when I was nine.  My mother was a frail women raised to be the wife of someone like my father.  She did not know the basics of how to survive without a husband.   His death set the stage for the household being in chaos for some time.  Mom was institutionalized now and again.  I became a wild young man and at thirteen I fell in with a degenerate homosexual who, among other things, provided me access to an older crowd of acquaintances and plenty of drugs.  

By the time I reached my early twenties I had lost interest in most everything but feeling good. I was almost entirely out of it when I met my wife Gail.  The first unselfish idea I ever had (I knew it was unselfish because it was completely foreign to my thought process) was that I should stop getting high and marry her.  Her husband had died by suicide a year before leaving three young sons are her alone.  I did eventually stop the drugs and we lived together in Connecticut for seven years before we married.   In 1983, I found work in a high tech field that I now believe The Lord provided. I prospered in business and in a few years we bought our first home.

In 1991, disillusioned with Connecticut, we moved to a home in Cornish, New Hampshire where I became interested in politics and history.  I realized that there were many things about history I missed in public school and spent lots of time at the Dartmouth Library.  I bought a parcel of land and ultimately built a home in Cornish in 1996

The internet was in its infancy and we had a giant satellite TV dish that had a set of sidebands where radio broadcasts were uplinked for re-broadcast on shortwave, AM and FM stations.  It was there I first heard the voice of Richard Eutsler and some of his sidekicks from The Fishermen Ministry, including the man that led me to Christ, Steve Atherton.  I had established a reputation as a local right wing political talker with both satellite and local radio programs including a left-right talk show that I did with a developer who was nearly as colorful on the left as I was on the right.

I became a Christian in 1998 and the local radio show became a platform for my testimony mixed with political discussion. In 2003 The Lord showed us to move on and so we went to Boulder Colorado where I found a good job opportunity and eventually another brother in Christ.  The Ministry had staked out a ranch east of El Paso and we went there regularly. 

Gail and I moved to Florida in 2007 where I worked for a smaller business in the same trade. In 2012 I was offered and took a management position in one of the Connecticut companies where I began my career.  I am extraordinarily grateful for this opportunity as I am for all the good things that The Lord has done in my life; a life that most certainly would not have turned out as it did if He was not in the middle of it.

The Lord is moving in a mighty way in these times and I am excited to share the Gospel message with others who can hear it.  The Gospel is the answer no matter where you fall in history, your work or politics; Jesus is the answer yesterday, today and forever.