Ordained Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located at Grace Ranch, Fort Hancock, Texas

My name is Rick Eutsler and I currently live in Lake Havasu City AZ.   I remember going to my Dad’s church services back in Chuluota and Oviedo Florida as a youngster.  Church has been a part of life since I can remember. My parents separated and eventually got divorced when I was relatively young.  I continued to live with my mom and we were fixtures at Calvary Assembly out of Orlando Florida.  I spent many years involved in the various youth and music ministries and found myself leading the high school Worship team for the church. As I graduated high school and entered College and I was very unhappy.  While I had all the things most young men may be looking for; good job, college life, girlfriend, my own car, esteem of others, etc. it was all vanity.  I would not have been able to articulate that at the time, I just knew that regardless of what I had looking from the outside, that the inside was complete unfulfilled and in turmoil. In 1989 I left college and home and moved to Vermont to live with my father who was still in the ministry and serving the Lord.  Many things happened from then until the present, you can read my testimony for more detail, but suffice it to say, I found what was missing.  It was a real relationship with Jesus Christ, one that was oriented in the right direction, He as my Lord and me as His servant. As mentioned above, I currently live with my wife and daughter in Lake Havasu City Arizona.  We host weekly home fellowship services and broadcast live on Eagle-Radio.com and also Live on Facebook.  We both work for a company I inherited from my father called Dog River Design, LLC.   We also support and maintain The Fishermen Ministry website.