Licensed Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located in Round O, South Carolina

Linda’s website:

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1956, the third of seven children, I was not raised in a Christian household.  My birth parents divorced when I was four years old and my dad remarried a year later.  My parents never attended church but they did allow us to go to Sunday school when a neighborhood church invited us and sent a church bus to pick us up.

When I was a teenager, we had an accident and my dad was laid up for a while and we lost our house and had to move into one of my Aunt’s rental properties.  It was located right next to a small church.  The pastor invited us and we all went for a while.  We really enjoyed it there until one day my mom told us that we could not go there anymore.  The pastor was teaching us that we were the bride of Christ.  I did not realize until many years later that it was God working through my mom who stopped us.  My mom, who was not an avid churchgoer was raised by parents who believed in Jesus Christ.

I knew from early on that I wanted to work in an office of some kind because both of my parents worked in factories and they encouraged us to stay in school so that we could one day work in an office.  When I was in high school my parents had to pay taxes one year and so I asked my dad to let me try doing it for them.  If I did not do any better for them than the other person who was doing them, they could go back to them.

Needless to say I have been doing their taxes ever since.  In high school my mom made my sisters and I take all kind of secretarial courses, but I wanted something more.  So I took all the business classes that I could, like accounting and business machines.  I took so many business classes that I had a double major in business.  I did well with the accounting, (and they did not offer anything in computers then) so I stuck with that.  Worked for several companies along the way until 1993 when I started my own business.  In 2010 I renamed my business to Abiel Accounting & Computer Services LLC.  I selected the name Abiel to honor God, because Abiel is a Hebrew name which means “My Father God”.

I have had a curiosity and love for science and science fiction since I was very young watching the original Star Trek with my dad. It was Star Trek that first intrigued my interest in computers and was able to get access to one in 1988 and have been working on, building and rebuilding them ever since.  These are the two things I do for a living as a self-employed person right now.

Since joining The Fishermen Ministry, the Lord has really been working with me to become what He would have me to be and not what I or the world would have me to be.  I am sincerely thankful for His mercy and grace for giving me the time and opportunity to truly get to know Him.  I am also thankful for His correction and patience with me.

My mom (step-mother) passed away in December 2016.  Due to my father’s medical and financial situation since my mom passed, my father is now living with me in South Carolina.  It has been a blessing for him to be here with a Christian fellowship and to truly experience the body of Christ in action.