Ordained Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located at Grace Ranch, Fort Hancock, Texas

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.  I was born and raised in Vermont, and spent most of my adult life there.  I was brought up in the Catholic Church, was the third of six children, and had a couple of rebellious siblings, my brother just older and my sister just younger than me.  They were always getting in trouble, and I never did.  I was the “good” one.  I took classical piano lessons and enjoyed music in my youth.  I was very close to my mom, and always lived nearby my parents.  My mom was brought up Catholic, and her sister was a nun.  I was for a time planning on becoming a nun when I finished school.  I had wanted to be close to the Lord since I was a young child.  The problem was I didn’t know the true Gospel.  A few years before my mother died, she said to me “You’re the only one of my children who still goes to church”.  (Again, miss Goody-Two-Shoes!)  Well, I still went there, but I really only went for the music, (I sang in the choir).  I knew that Jesus was not present there.  But despite not knowing where He was, I wanted to know Him and prayed to Him and thanked Him every day. I married my first husband, Dave, in 1974, and we had two children.  I worked in a supermarket part time for 17 years, along with part time jobs in an elementary school and an accountant’s office, then worked as a legal secretary for 17 years.  Dave and I were very happily married for 25 years, until he died suddenly in 1999, and everything in my life turned upside down.  Fear, grief and worry took over my days.  I NEEDED the Lord NOW.  I asked Him to show me where He was.  He faithfully answered my prayer.  He sent someone to preach me the Gospel –  the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is.  I received Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior and my life completely changed –joy and freedom, as opposed to the bondage I was in previously.  I learned that the “good” little girl I was, was still a sinner!  And I always will be a sinner. BUT when Jesus died on that cross, He shed His blood not only for me but for everyone in the world, and took away ALL of their sin, past, present, and future!  The thing I didn’t know and have had to learn is that it is a FREE GIFT.  Thank you Jesus!

I don’t know where I would be today if I had not been preached the Gospel at the time I needed it and was ready to receive it.  The Lord answers prayers, loves us and knows exactly what we need.  He knew I would be blessed to have a husband, so He provided Charles.  (He also was the one He sent to preach me the Gospel.)  I have been married to Charles since 2001.  Praise you Jesus!