Licensed Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located in Texas

I am 59 years.  I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.  I was born in Vermont and I was the fourth of six children, brought up Catholic and Mass was in Latin.  I went through the motions of it, going to church and remembering my Dad giving me a quarter so I could put something in the basket. Went to Catholic classes run by nuns who had no answers to my questions.  I was a rebellious child and I ended up not going to most of those classes.  I wanted to fit in but I didn’t fit in anywhere, not at Church, school, activities, home.  I ran away, got pregnant, divorced, had a child with problems physically and everything fell apart.  I blamed myself.  My second marriage had two more children, both healthy and yet I wasn’t fitting in again.  Drinking became a big part of our lives and seemed, at first, to comfort the pain I was carrying.  My drinking became the most important thing to me.  I always thought there was a God but I just didn’t know Him. I tried going to church, more for my children than for myself, and my drinking got worse.  I was hiding it by this time.  Long story short, got another divorce.  I didn’t want it.  My husband found someone else.  So I ended up in rehab, one, two, three times, it didn’t help.  I got married again.  Jim seemed to love me no matter what.  I went to the doctor and got drugs for depression and talked to a therapist about my problems.  I was still drinking and my problems didn’t get easier to deal with!  One night, out of the blue and drunk off my ass, I called my big sister and started crying to her.  She asked me if I wanted to read the Bible.  She told me about Jesus who would forgive me and take all that away.  We read every week with her in Vermont and me in Texas.  I would wake up grab a beer on Saturday morning and read the Bible with my Sister.  I told her I wanted to stop.  She asked if I wanted her to pray that I would get sick when I drank, and really I didn’t want that, I just wanted to feel better.  I wanted to be a good wife, and a mother to my children again.  She prayed and I got sick, not enough to stop completely, but sick.  I was still reading the Bible.  On my way to work one day I broke down crying to God to help me and asked Him to take all of this from me.  My sister Karen asked me if I would like to go to Grace Ranch for a week.  I said yes.  I was still drinking at this point.  I went down to Grace Ranch and Steve Atherton explained to me about baptism.  He also told me, matter of factly, that the problem of drinking would be gone.  I stared at him in unbelief.  How could he know this?  I got baptized in water and the Holy Spirit.  I came back to my family and have not drunk anything since, that was October 16, 2010.  I don’t think about drinking or my past much anymore.  What I do think about is the fact that Jesus is here for anyone who will go to Him.  I am nothing, why did He save me?  He saved me so I could share my story.  You can have a full life with Jesus and wake up every morning and KNOW that the truth will set you FREE!  Thank you Jesus.  I pray that this message helps anyone who thinks that there is no way out.  There is no pit so deep that He can’t get you out of it!  Praise God!  Hallelujah!