Bio-Sweet - Corey

Christian Worker with The Fishermen Ministry
Located in South Carolina


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Hello, my name is Corey Sweet and I currently live at Grace Ranch in Fort Hancock, Texas.  I was born in San Diego, California and resided there until I was 5.  I hardly remember anything from that age aside from the 3 day trip from California to Maryland.

My childhood wasn’t the greatest, as I had a drunk for a father who was also a very abusive person, both physically and mentally. My mother was petrified of standing up to him in any way.  I was quite the accident-prone child and always doing what I had no business doing.  Most of my accidents required visits to the ER.  My head had a fond relationship with the concrete most of the time.

For about 3 years I attended a church with my parents called Stillmeadow Christian Church. We didn’t go every Sunday, or even every other Sunday, but rather once a month or once every 2 months. Really we only went when it was convenient to my father. Although as a child it was great because every we DID go to church, we went to a nearby snowball stand afterwards.  The only lesson I learned about church was that if you didn’t dress up nicely, you weren’t welcome.

My parents were married until I was about 9 years old.  They got divorced when my father went to jail for a 3 year sentence.  That whole time period caused me a lot of different emotions as I grew older.  Hate, anger, betrayal, fear, sadness, happiness to name a few.  Anger and hate took over, mainly when my mother remarried, because I thought my stepfather would leave just like my father did.

Growing up, I had no knowledge whatsoever of the Lord.  After I turned 18 I moved out with no knowledge of the real world and how to live in it.  I bounced from friends house to friends house, and job to job for many years.  I never took responsibility for anything I did.  (There’s more in depth detail in my Testimony if you’re interested about how I came to know and accept God as my Lord and Savior.)

Having been delivered from heroine addiction, and certain jail time, I now live at Grace Ranch with my wife and 2 children.  I have entered discipleship training in the ministry and have become the main builder for our construction projects.  If you have any questions or would like any further information, feel free to contact via email or telephone.





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