Ordained Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located at Grace Ranch, Fort Hancock, Texas

Hey there! My name is Cheryl Eutsler and I am a part of the Fishermen Ministries currently living at Grace Ranch in West Texas.

I grew up in and around the ministry with both my parents and most of my immediate family being ministers, I was around it 24-7 and it’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I was born in Maryland but my family and I moved to Vermont shortly after I was born.  I’m the youngest in the family by a lot. I have 3 older siblings with there being 16 years between me and my oldest sister, 13 years between me and my brother and a 12 year difference between me and my other sister.  Because of the huge age gap, I became an Aunt when I was 7, 8 and 9.

Anyways, I spent most of my elementary years in Vermont. I went to public school up to 3rd grade then after I was home schooled for the remainder of my school years. Later I went traveling with my dad on ministry trips and such for a year give or take.  Eventually Dad, Mom and I ended up moving to South Carolina when I was 12 going on 13.  It’s there that I went through my teenage years. I graduated early in 2002 and got my first job at K-mart where I was a service desk supervisor and a dept. manager.

At some point Dad and Mom had bought some property in west Texas that he had visited back in the 70’s and talked about setting up another place out there.  Around that time Mom and Dad went traveling and later decided to move out to Texas with me following shortly after. I’ve been here ever since and currently I take care of the ranch animals and I am part of the music crew of Grace Chapel as the Worship Leader. I also pitch in where ever needed.

On the side, I am working to become proficient in Korean not only to fulfill a dream of being fluent in a second language but with the hope that it will be useful to the Lord. I enjoy playing video games, watching foreign tv shows, reading, and arts & crafts.