Ordained Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located at in Cottageville, South Carolina

I was born on February 17, 1970 in Cheyenne, WY, where I lived until the age of five.  In 1975 my family moved to Berthoud, Colorado, a small town that sits at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, north of Denver.  I grew up and lived in Berthoud from the time I started kindergarten until I graduated high school in 1988.  The summer before my senior year I got a job at a restaurant and continued at that job until four months after graduation when I got into the circuit board business.  I worked a total of ten years at Centerline circuits, mostly silk screening bare boards, however, I left twice in those years to pursue other options such as steel work at Boulder Steel Inc. in the early 90’s, that lasted seven months and driving limousines for fourteen months in the late 90’s.  In 1999 I left the circuit board business to get into flexible circuitry at Sheldahl Corp.  In 2001 I left Sheldahl when they announced they were closing the doors and began a thirteen year stretch in the laser optics business as a fabricator at a company called Research Electro-Optics Inc. located in Boulder, Colorado.  This is the place where I met the man God had sent to me in answer to a prayer I spoke one night asking the Lord to send me someone who could lead me to the truth. Over the years many things in my life have changed since that night I prayed.  For instance, I lived in Colorado for forty one years and enjoyed many of the activities that are available in such a state as Colorado.  Camping, skiing, hiking, fishing, the high altitude mountains in general, and a nice climate to boot, made it a very enjoyable place to live and for many years I couldn’t see myself ever living elsewhere.  Well, I now live at Grace Ranch in Texas because the Lord had something else in mind for me that required leaving Colorado.  I have one sister five years older and my mother, who are the only two of my natural family I have contact with. My father took his own life in 1993 which left me without a male authority in my life but the Lord has brought me into a very large family in Him, of those who watch over me for my sake and well being.  God has not left me without.  I have yet to get married or have children, I leave that decision with the Lord whether or not those things will happen.  Many exciting things are to come in the Lord.  Have to wait and see what they are as they come around.

Carter Price