Ordained Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located in Northfield Falls, Vermont

I was born in Maryland in 1968, the older of 2 daughters, to Ann & Keith Fowler.  When I was 13, my father passed away and then 3 months later my grandmother passed away.  This would be the start of my rebellious teen years.

When I was 15 years old my mom married Richard Eutsler Sr.   A year later they had my little sister, Cheryl.  The family moved to Northfield Vermont in 1984 when I was 16.   I studied for and received my GED at the age of 17.  I worked various jobs in different fields.  Burger King was my first, but I’ve worked in Deli’s, as a Chamber Maid, Secretary, etc.

My husband Jim and I married in 1988 when I was 20 years old.

At the age of 23 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  At this time I had to stop working and through Vocational Rehabilitation was able to get my floral design degree.  I have had to learn not to let the MS control me, but to put my trust in Jesus to get me through the days.   I started working at a flower shop in August of 1991.

In 1992 we had our son and then 21 months later our daughter came along, both of whom I  homeschooled, while working part-time at the shop.  My daughter received her high school diploma and my son decided to get his GED.

I currently work part-time for Steve Atherton at Atherton Law, as his assistant, and continue to fill-in for the holidays at the flower shop.

I am an ordained minister with The Fishermen Ministry and I love animals, karaoke, going yard saleing, spending time with family and friends, carpentry, and traveling.




Many of these were written by Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. This is what he had to say: “I share with you some Prophesies that I received over the years. I put them here for you to judge. Not everyone will agree with what they find here. It is not up to me to make “believers” out of anybody. That job description is solely up to Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit! All I can do is put forth those things that God has given me as faithfully as I can. The rest is up to you and Him.”

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