Ordained Minister of The Fishermen Ministry Located in Cottageville, South Carolina

I am married and the mother of three children.  My oldest is in the army.  My husband works.  I stay at home and teach our children.

I am part of The Fishermen Ministry’s fellowship at Grace Chapel in Cottageville, South Carolina.  I love being outdoors and the Lord has put that aspect of my nature to use in leading our fellowship’s physical education activities.  Those activities are not only an important part of our fellowship’s outreach to the community, but also to the children in the ministry as well.

The stability that my life has now was not the case for most of my life.  I suggest you read my testimony for the gory details, but the fact of the matter is my early life was a total wreck.  It was marked by illegal drug use, juvenile detention, pregnancy at 16 and homelessness.  The fact that I am where I am today is a miracle, due solely to the extraordinary grace and redeeming power of the love of my Lord Jesus Christ.  I can’t help but praise Him for what He has done.

I may not be very far along in my Christian walk, but through discipleship I am learning what it is to serve the Lord in every aspect of my life so that I can take my place in the Body of Christ and minister unto others with His love.  I have found that the ability to talk with someone I know (and who knows me) about my personal struggles in the faith and obtain practical guidance in the issues I have to address each day has been a tremendous blessing.  I now have a sound hope in Christ that is rooted in His Word, His power and His grace.