Discipleship Training

We are not here to build out The Fishermen Ministry!  We are here to serve our Lord Jesus Christ while ministering to our body and to those without the body. 

For those who choose to enter discipleship:

Our Ministry is about helping believers find their position in the body of Christ and understanding the walk of faith in their everyday lives.  Like Christ, we do this through discipleship.

Mission statement.

To learn more about specific doctrines we hold to, please read our Articles of Faith.

To learn more about our ministers please go to Meet our Ministers.

To learn more about The Fishermen Ministry locations go to Local Fellowships.

To those who are a part of the body of Christ and seeking help to grow their ministry…

Text to follow.

1 finger keyboarding, people who will come to your church, it’s to help others who have found their place in the body of Christ but we can help them grow in that.

some forms of ministry