About Us

The Fishermen Ministry was started in 1974 by Richard D. Eutsler, Sr (aka Davy).

In January of 2017 Richard passed away and left the ministry in the hands of Steven H. Atherton.

Our mission, like that of the Apostle Paul’s, is to:  Minister, in power, the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.  Edify the body of Christ through the propagation of Biblically sound teachings.  Raise up and equip ministers of the gospel through the scriptural means of discipleship.  Establish local churches where believers fellowship, worship, and minister one to another in faith, love and power.  Perfect the saints in the faith.

Much like the Apostle Paul, the cornerstone of our inter-denominational message is faith in God’s Word, backed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. As Paul well understood, Jesus Christ is our common Lord and Savior and His Word our final authority. And like believers of all generations, it brings us no greater joy than to fellowship and join forces with those of like precious faith. Please browse around our website. Our hope is that you will find it easy to navigate, but contact us with your questions, comments or suggestions so that we can make it better for all.

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Not here to build The Fishermen Ministry! We're here to serve Jesus Christ.
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