September 2021 South Carolina Sunday Services [audio, video & notes for each service] from 2021-09-05 to 2021-09-26 are available here.

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South Carolina SEPTEMBER 2021 Sunday Services

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South Carolina SEPTEMBER 2021 Sunday Services

Notes for Sunday SC 2021-09-05


  • Edmund Perry, Jr.
  • Carter Price
  • Angie Perry


  • Nahum 1, Proverbs 3:5-8


  • If you let the Lord work, He is great!
  • Walk by faith believing Him that He is going to put everything together to work for our good perfectly. You don’t need to be concerned, if you want to serve the Lord He already knows what you need.
  • Recognize and acknowledge who it is that is really putting things together. All too often the pride and selfishness is one of look what I did, recognize who it is that put it together, our Lord not us. 
  • When you trust and believe in the Lord you’re in a place of rest and sound mind. 
  • We need Christ. Stop living by sight and start living by faith.
  • Go after the gold, you don’t get the gold because you’re a great person, you get the gold when you go after God. 
  • All you need to do is say yes to God to see that He is great.
  • Without the Lord we are a mess, we are unhealthy, we are nothing.
  • Stop being wise in your own eyes, seek the Lord and He will show you the right way.
  • If you fear the Lord you’re going to trust Him. You will know He will work things out for your good and others around you. When you trust the Lord, He shows up. It takes experience to increase your faith.

2021-09-12 SC Sunday Service


  • Megan Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall 


  • Matthew 7:24-29, Psalms, John 3:17, Matthew 25:21, Matthew 6:6, John 17:3, Job, Luke 16:20-31,  Luke 10:20, Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1, Matthew 14:24, Exodus 15:1-2, Joshua, 


  • The Lord should be first, no matter who or what is before you, he should be first, it is him you should serve in serving others. 
  • Loneliness is tied to self pity. That is all about self, how can you minister unto another the love of God when it’s all about you?
  • You get to love one another and experience the joy of the Lord, if you’re not, get in your closet and pray. He calls us to exactly that.
  • Will you entertain the thoughts of self pity or will you put it off and serve the Lord, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and he will lift you up. When you are down, if you humble yourself before him, he will lift you up. He is beautiful for situation. 
  • Just because you apologize or say you’re sorry doesn’t mean you’ve repented. True repentance is humbling yourself before the Lord, admitting your guilt and being willing to accept whatever judgement the Lord sees fit. Where do you run when you do wrong?
  • The fault of your actions are never someone else’s responsibility, they are fully yours. 
  • Do you know the Lord is Great, Holy, Safe, that you can trust him? He wants you to know.
  • The opportunity is here right now to learn to love, to put off yourself, looking for opportunities to serve. Once our time is done here the learning is over it will only be a place to do it. 
  • Do you want your name in the book of life? The book of names of people who were faithful on earth.
  • The Lord is a redeemer, no matter what you have done or thought before now, it can change. Go into your closet before the Lord and he will reward you openly. Nobody else has to know, it’s between you and the Lord only. 
  • Don’t allow the things of this world to pull you down, the Lord has thrown all that into the sea! If you will turn to him you can be free of it all. He won’t make you, it’s a choice you must make. 

2021-09-19 SC Sunday Service


  • Steve Atherton


  • Romans 12


  • When He is the God of your salvation what work is there for you to do? None, you can relax and rest in Christ Jesus.
  • If you give your old man any place to guide you then Christ won’t be the God of your Salvation. He is not going to impose His will on you; if your will is to be the captain of your salvation He’s going to let you. 
  • This body lusts. When you present yourself as a living sacrifice you seek His things first. The things of the kingdom of God; love, for example, your flesh hates loving others.
  • If your inner man is going to be perfect than your outer man has to die. You need to let the spirit of God move you. If your heart’s desire is to love your brethren, your children, your spouse, one another, He will give you those things. Is that what your heart’s desire is?
  • You overcome evil with good, you sow the seed of the gospel to the people who are coming against you. You love them because you know you are absolutely no better than them. When you know that about yourself you can love anybody. Every bit you esteem yourself takes away from loving others.
  • If you want to live in the perfect will of God, you can manifest it today and tomorrow and each and every day. When you present your body a living sacrifice God can accomplish everything you need, if you lift it up to Him.
  • When you’re not worried about things, your entire focus can be on Him, not because you’re good but because you’ve yielded everything to Him to accomplish His will through you. As you yield to Christ your mind will be renewed.
  • If Jesus was looking at the way other people treated Him He could not have completed His mission. Stop looking at how other people treat you.
  • You cannot keep your own mind and judgement and operate in God. You’re going to hate the one and love the other.
  • God wants you to prove in your daily life, walk those things out in Christ not in your own understanding, present your body a living sacrifice. He will move through you in extraordinary ways.

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2021-09-26 SC Sunday Service