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        Since I was a child I always heard that people were saved by the blood of Jesus. I knew it was true because mama said so, but not having it explained to me it really meant nothing to me. We sang songs about it in church, there were many ways we paid homage to it. I was told by the blood of Jesus I was set free. Huh! I have always been free. I was born in America. I can do anything I want to, go where I want to go, when I want to do whatever. I am sorry, but I was way too old before I really began to wonder just why was the blood necessary, and what am I set free of.

       I remember a while ago my wife and I were visiting a small store front church that was struggling to get started. The pastor preached that night about the blood. I was so bored with the message I thought he would never finish. He went on to discuss Dr. Livingstonís travels in Africa, the Asians, the American Indians here in the western culture, and on and on and on. I now duck my head in shame, because I remember laughing about it and saying to my wife, "I know far more about Livingstonís travels than I ever wanted to know". However something happened that I didnít expect. I began to think about this message for days. Couldnít get it out of my mind.

       You see as this man explained it, as Livingston went about in Africa, he came to many villages. As he met and came to know the people agreements were made between him and the chiefs of each tribe. Agreements were taken very seriously by these tribesmen. So much so each one was sealed in blood. According to his message this was practiced by many cultures. It was only we numb sculled Europeans that not only didnít practice it, nor did we understand it as they did. You see for two people to seal an agreement or covenant in blood, for one side or the other to break it meant death to the party that broke it. I now can tell you there is no one who could tell you better than the old testament Jews what a blood covenant meant. SERIOUS STUFF!

       Perhaps you can see why I was becoming so uncomfortable with myself for seeing any humor in this mans message.

       In the beginning God created the earth, us, and all that is. There was no sin. Not until the sin of Adam. As the earth was populated there was no sin, but God could see the immorality of man. Then he gave Moses the Law. Until God told us something was wrong, it was not wrong, or at least God did not punish us for it. However after the law was given, to break the law, was very serious stuff for us in the eyes of God. As we have been told many times, the wages of sin is death. As sure as man sinned, you could count on it, something was going to die. Only blood could cover sin in the eyes of God. Fortunately for the Jews a way was provided to cover the sins of man without him personally having to die. The way was the sacrifice of animals. Not just any animal, but the first born, without blemish. The most perfect of what a man had. Lambs, bulls, and goats. The most prized of his possessions. And God could see there had to be a better way. This did not remove sin, it only covered it. The new way would remove them as far as the east from the west.

      God Himself came to Earth, in the form of man, born of a virgin, fathered by his own holy spirit, shed His own blood, to seal the New Covenant with man, for his sins. His earthly name was Jesus. How wonderful! All we have to do is believe on Him, and our part of the agreement is met. He canít go back on his word. If he did because of the blood that was shed He would cease to exist.

      What are we free from? THE LAW! Have you ever read the first five books of the old testament? MAN! What a headache. I have to make myself endure it just to get through it, and then I have trouble telling you what I have read. It is no wonder to me that no one ever was able to keep the law. If I had lived then and been a Jew, there would have been no cows, goats, or sheep left alive today. I would have used them all up myself. Now the blood of Jesus is sufficient to remove all the sins of all men for all time, if we will only accept him as our redeemer, and God the father as our savior. TALK ABOUT GOOD NEWS! The gospel of Christ is it. If you havenít accepted Christ email me. We will correspond and I will show you how. Many thanks


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