Hey Will, can I have your phone number?  By the way, you Are #1.  Mike Dill
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Hi Mike,
I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I enjoyed your web-site.  We have a similar story.  I too, fell away from the "organized" church for many years.  Disgusted with the hypocrisy and legalism.  I also found my way back to God through a, casual at first, renewed interest in scripture.  Spurred by a desire to research something I had read.  I found that once I got into God's word for myself, a void I did not really know I had, began to fill.  I would like to make a couple comments about some things you said.....you did ask for emails :)
I do agree with your views of predestination and "once saved, always saved/eternal salvation"
I have a different understanding of the scriptures your quoted on your "All Knowing" page:
JER 19:5, 32:35 (you could have also quoted 7:31)   I do not believe that Jeremiah is saying that God did not "KNOW" this was going to happen.....I believe the point he is making is that the people had fallen so far away from God's will.  According to Jeremiah God never considered the tragic actions of these people in His plan.  They simply chose to act (free will) in a way that HE would never wish for His people (child sacrifice).
GEN 18:21  This is a classic example of Hebrew literary styling.  The writer and later editors (the tools of God), worded the telling of the Sodom story in a fashion that would not prematurely reveal the ending (or moral).  In fact, the very mention of Gomorrah is an editorial edition.  The actual story (history) is about the town of Sodom.  The sins of Gomorrah could possibly be a story unto itself.  The English translation on the end of the verse .....,I will know.....  could also be translated ...I must know.... no real difference just a point.   The point of this passage is not to prove that God doesn't know everything.......the point is that God gives us many, many chances to right our wrongs.  Here He even wanted to look again at the situation (.....I will go down now, and see...) Actually He did not go Himself. He sent emissaries, the two angels of the next chapter.  He wanted to give the corrupt people of Sodom yet another chance to turn from sin and turn to Him.  They failed.   Again, this passage does not say to me that God did not know what was happening....it says that even when we choose to go against His plan/will he uses the situation to again afford us a path toward Him. 
One last remark:
You appear to stereotype all churches and church goers together.  You said...and I quote
If you go into the traditional Church today they will teach you we are predestinated to be Christians at this point in time, where ever we are, in the church we are in. "
I serve in a "traditional Church" and we do not teach predestination.  We are NOT Calvinist or Armenian.  I serve at a United Methodist Church (Wesleyan).  Our doctrine and beliefs appear to be very similar to yours.
I truly found a home again in the local church.  My spiritual growth has been amazing.  The fellowship, "organized" study, and corporate worship have fed me and provided an atmosphere where the Spirit of God is active around me in a "different" way than I believe is possible outside of the Body of Christ.   The local Church needs people like YOU.  Your knowledge and Spirit for discipleship could greatly effect the ministries of a local church and community.
God Bless you Brother,
I love your website.....keep up the good work.....and visit my site if you like
Will Clark