Any body ever ask you what is faith?

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      Faith is a strange thing to explain to someone who has never experienced it.  I remember as a little kid asking our preacher how do I know when I have it.  Caught off guard, he looked at my mom and answered me saying, "when you have it no one will have to tell you".  Well, he was right but not much of an answer for me. 
       Most times when you ask for a definition of faith someone will answer "it's when you believe in a thing".  Not so.  It's more than that.  Satan and all his followers believe in God.  The best definition I have been able to come up with for someone when they ask is, faith is having the ability to believe a thing, without tangible proof, and then acting on it, then having confidence to sustain it. 

       Not too long ago I was working on a web site when Instant Messenger popped up in front of me and it was a friend of mine from out of state.  She explained that her brother had just been in a motorcycle accident.  He was in the hospital and the doctors were telling the family he had a broken back.  She asked me to pray for him. I believed he could be supernaturally healed so then I acted on my belief.  We prayed. 
        I then told her that "now is the time to have faith".  Being a new Christian she said "I am afraid for my brother and I'm not sure how to have that much faith".  I explained to her that fear is a faith killer.  Then I asked her, "is it raining where you live"?  She replied "no".  I said to her " well, you have to know this healing has taken place like you know it isn't raining".  There was nothing but silence for a long time.  Later that evening her brother was discharged and sent home with cuts and bruises.  Having taken a few spills off bikes myself I can say just normal stuff.  We bikers call it asphalt rash.

         I have heard many sermons preached on faith.  The preachers usually tell the same story where they hold up their hand, thumb and fore finger held tightly together and say, "if you have this much faith you can move mountains". They are referring to the bible story about the mustard seed.  The mustard seed being the smallest of all herbs.  Some how they just didn't get the point when they read the story.

        I was listening to a sermon given by Mr. Richard D. Eutsler when suddenly it all fell into place for me on this example given to us about the mustard seed. You see when this is taught by most preachers they teach we are to have faith at least the size of a grain of a mustard plant.  Well the example isn't talking about size.  It is talking about a type of faith.  As a mustard seed.

       Did you know the mustard seed is the only herb known to man that will germinate without sunlight?  In one of my books there is a picture of a mustard plant growing right out of the top of a bolder. The seed, blown in by the wind, took root way up under that huge rock. A man standing beside the rock showed the bolder to be at least 3 times as tall as the man. The plant grew and searched until it found a crack in the rock, then grew until it emerged out of the top of the rock and then continued to grow for another 30 or 40 feet.  That is the type of faith we should have.  Unshakeable, unstoppable, forever growing.  The only thing that will destroy a mustard plant is age and fire.  The same thing that will test our faith, the fiery darts of Satan.