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          Then they will always without fail tell you your body is not your own but the temple of the Holy Sprit. There fore you should do nothing to harm it. They get this from 1 Corinthians chapter 3. Which it does not say that. It is talking about preachers who will deceive the church. Deceit being one of the things that will defile the body. Or 1 Corinthians chapter 6. Which does not say it either. It is talking about fornication, which also will defile the body. Man! Talk about adding to the word.

          These people are usually non smokers, non drinkers, non nothing. They will find SOMETHING wrong with ANYTHING. They will almost have you believe there is no forgiveness for having anything to do with alcohol, or tobacco. 

          Paul wrote to Timothy and told him to take a little wine for his stomachs sake. Jesus demonstrated the use of wine at the lords supper, not to mention he created wine for the wedding feast. However the scripture does command us not to be given to it. That means not to live in a state of drunkenness. Don't drink your self drunk, don't use drugs. WHY? Both of these things will take away your good senses. 

         They will preach against the use of tobacco when in fact tobacco is not mentioned in scripture anywhere, and people had it available to them during the time of Jesus. If the truth be known, they simply don't like the smell of tobacco smoke, and they will use their religion as a crutch for the excuse. I hope and pray for these people, when their time comes, they don't go to hell, because there will be plenty of smoke there.

         Then you get these who say do all things in moderation. It never fails, these people when they look down can't see their toes. More than likely they haven't seen their toes in 10 years while standing and looking down. They could use a little moderation at  the dinner table. 

         These people without realizing it have become sign seekers. They are looking for signs in you and me in order to judge us as to whether we are or are not Christians. Judging us by their own ideals, and when we fall into the trap of modifying our behavior for their approval, we turn it all to works. We are guilty of the same thing the Galatians were. Turning to the rules and regs of the church, or the law.

          Now, if you are a smoker, and you feel the Lord has told you to quit. Then be obedient and stop, but not because the Church said no smokers in heaven. Besides if you spend enough time with these people you will see they generally are not what they proclaim to be.
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